Week #11 100WC- Troubling Transportation

How does your travel affect our planet? I usually drive by car to close places. Since there are many cars, they really do affect the planet by how much gas they use! There are about 1.4bil cars as of 2021, which is a ton of gasoline that is limited and releasing the smoke from your car is as bad as the gasoline. Although there are different types of cars that take less gas because of mileage, they still produce some sort of amount. Next time you drive, think about what you’re doing and how it could be affecting us!

4 thoughts on “Week #11 100WC- Troubling Transportation

  1. Hi Lilly,
    You are correct about issues that driving everywhere raises. We definitely need to think about alternaitves and to make them easy for everybody to use.
    Sometimes we will need to use cars for long journeys or to carry our shopping home – but maybe electric vehicles are the solution.
    Keep working on solving the probem – we need all the great ideas that we can thing of!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c
    Dublin, Ireland

    • Thank you Ms Brennock! I agree we should find better ways to travel and less polluted ways too. Lets hope we can fix this issue! From, Lilly

  2. You have focused very well, Lilly, on one of the worst transport polluters. I like the way you have included figures and also how you have talked about what you do yourself. This makes it a very reflective piece. I wonder what other forms of transport you have used?

    • Thank you for the feedback! To answer your question, I also have been on boats, planes, and a train before! From, Lilly

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