100WC Week #21

We’ve been walking on this path for what seems like a year. Honestly, I am not sure where we are going but she says there is a surprise at the end. After a while, we can see the peak! It’s like a final stretch of a race getting to the top of this mountain, but once I took my first step on top it was worth the journey. Looking over everything, it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. It was full of the most colorful things like butterflies, the greenest grass, waterfalls, and it all felt surreal!



100WC Week #19

This season, I was positive we were gonna win our tournament. We all had worked so hard, and even spent extra time together so we could bond. On our first day of the tournament, it was pretty rocky, which had me nervous! Our team finished with three wins, and one loss, which put us at the third seed in our tournament! We had to play a game before the championship to make it, but against a lower seed so we won! It was now the championship game, and I shot a buzzer-beating three! “And the winner is,” calls the announcer…

100WC Week #18

Now reading the perspective of a girl named Cali, who lives in a little town of Minnesota. Her home is on the side of a quiet road, and she has a little barn in the backyard. Nobody really goes in there, but during the spring and summer they keep a couple cows for extra milk. One day during the winter she went out to explore the barn and forest behind it, but came across a key? She picked it up not knowing what for, but still went to explore the barn, and found a door behind it. But what for?

100WC Week #17

This morning I woke up and immediately called a taxi. I was so excited to finally go to New York! Since it is so cold, I dressed heavily in coats, gloves, hats, and boots. I have been to New York once, and it is probably one of my favorite places to go during the winter because of the amazing views. I have finally arrived to New York and my first stop was Niagara Falls. The yellow sun was beaming down beautifully and hit the waterfall just right. It was glittery and perfect, this was one of the best trips ever!

Week #16 100WC- New Year!

The New Year has just started! James is so excited to come back to school and see his favorite friends again after the New Year. It is the morning of the first day back, and James has decided to put on his favorite outfit, his new backpack, and his new shoes from Christmas! He even decided to ride the bus to school, since he wanted to see his friends again. He gets right to his regular seat and then realizes something, everyone is covered up in a mask! “I guess school has changed…it’s not like last year,” he thought…

My 2021 Year! (Week #15)

Honestly, I think 2021 has been a pretty great year! It has been full of great experiences, memories, friendships and a lot more exciting things. Even though there have been some downsides and it has been rough, we have all worked together for as much support as possible. If I could have one wish for 2021, it would most likely be to stop the Corona-virus. As much as I would like other things, the virus has really hurt and affected so many people and I wouldn’t want to wish that on anybody. Hopefully 2022 is a little different and things return to “normal”!

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Week #11 100WC- Troubling Transportation

How does your travel affect our planet? I usually drive by car to close places. Since there are many cars, they really do affect the planet by how much gas they use! There are about 1.4bil cars as of 2021, which is a ton of gasoline that is limited and releasing the smoke from your car is as bad as the gasoline. Although there are different types of cars that take less gas because of mileage, they still produce some sort of amount. Next time you drive, think about what you’re doing and how it could be affecting us!

My School Schedule

*The picture shown is of the student council from the middle and high school of Logan Elm while honoring our veterans.


This is a blog of my school schedule! Throughout this I will be showing you everything I do, most days.

Before School- I usually wake up at 6:20a.m. Then, I get ready for school in about 30 minutes. We have to leave by 6:50-7:00a.m. in the morning so I can get on the bus. My bus ride usually lasts about 30 minutes in the morning since I am one of the first people on the bus. Then when I get off, I get into school! (I attend McDowell Middle School).


Class 1, 2, and 3- My first class is guided study, which is basically a study hall to catch up on missing assignments or for bonus work. Each of my classes last about 50 minutes each, so that should give you a time frame. Next, I go to algebra which is across the school but not too far! Lastly in the morning, I go to ELA class where we work on blogs like this one! 


Lunch and AE- After ELA, we go to lunch for about 30 minutes since we have to split it with the AE period, unless you’re in the band. Our school offers free school lunches right now too! AE is also another study hall but only for 30 minutes to balance it out with lunch.


Class 5, 6, and 7- Fifth period I have social studies and it lasts for an hour so the eighth graders can have lunch and AE, then I go to sixth period which is probably my favorite class! (Art class). Last period I have science class, which we are working on a big project with! 


After School- Once school is over, I go home for about an hour. I would stay home longer, but I have after school practice for basketball! Which lasts from 3:45-5:15p.m. Once I get home, I have dinner and get a shower, then the next day begins!

100WC- Pollution Problems

Image Link From 100 Word Challenge

This image makes me feel upset about our Earth. As you can see, all the smoke is causing a lot of pollution into the sky from the factory. Even though we most likely need factories like these, this really does harm our world! Say you’re a bird that’s trying to live inside these circumstances, since there’s a ton of pollution in the air, that slowly kills them breathing in the smoke constantly! Speaking of that, a fact to go with that statement is that 1-2 million birds die from air pollution each year. That’s how I feel about this image.