About Me

My blog today is going to be about me. But, this blog will be an alphabetical order to make it creative!

To start off, here are some fun facts in order about me:

  • I have a cat named Monkey!
  • I also have a dog named Dibbs!
  • I love ELA and Math class.
  • Fried chicken is my favorite food!

If you want to know me, you should know my name is Lilly. I am in 7th grade and a 12 years old, (About to turn 13).  Some of my hobbies are reading great books, and playing sports. Below are some more facts that go along with this blog too:

  • My favorite thing to get at a sports game would be shaved ice!
  • Speaking of sports, I play basketball, volleyball, and softball.
  • For the letter J, my favorite jelly is peach!
  • I have never flown a kite before!

Some of my least favorite things are Lemonhead candies, mangoes, and fake nails, because they hurt my fingers. Besides that, my home state is Ohio, and I live near Pickaway County inside Ohio. Even though I live in Ohio, I love the beach to see palm trees! Anyways, here is another list of random things:

  • I always ask my friends lots of questions.
  • I love steak cooked medium rare.
  • My favorite sport is softball, and I play on a travel team!
  • The travel team’s mascot is a tiger.
  • I used to love unicorns.
  • I have never played the violins!

I hope that has told you a lot about me, and welcomed you to my page! To end this, I don’t know what starts with X so I hope you don’t mind that. Now, I am finally down to zero letters left, and I hope you liked this alphabetical introduction about me!