100WC Week #17

This morning I woke up and immediately called a taxi. I was so excited to finally go to New York! Since it is so cold, I dressed heavily in coats, gloves, hats, and boots. I have been to New York once, and it is probably one of my favorite places to go during the winter because of the amazing views. I have finally arrived to New York and my first stop was Niagara Falls. The yellow sun was beaming down beautifully and hit the waterfall just right. It was glittery and perfect, this was one of the best trips ever!

Week #16 100WC- New Year!

The New Year has just started! James is so excited to come back to school and see his favorite friends again after the New Year. It is the morning of the first day back, and James has decided to put on his favorite outfit, his new backpack, and his new shoes from Christmas! He even decided to ride the bus to school, since he wanted to see his friends again. He gets right to his regular seat and then realizes something, everyone is covered up in a mask! “I guess school has changed…it’s not like last year,” he thought…