100 Word Challenge Week #9

Have you ever been afraid of climate change? Even though some industries don’t make it seem like that big of a deal, it really could be urgent. For example, only nine percent of plastic is recycled, which hurts our oceans, and our planet overall since we also produce 300 million tons of plastic each year! All of this plastic is a huge red flag to everybody, and people around the world need to start helping out. Who knows, we may have to evacuate somewhere new!

4 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #9

  1. Thank you for sharing. Really shocking statistics, and I agree it is important that we all work hard on addressing the issue. Thank you for all your hard work. Well done.

    • I thought the statistics were very shocking too when I found them! Thank you for commenting on my blog also! From, Lilly

  2. Hi Lillian,
    This is one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. Especially only with 100 words. That’s impressive!

    From, Kayleigh.

    • Hi Kayleigh,

      Thank you so much! I really like these challenges and still hope to improve. Thank you for visiting me!

      From, Lilly.

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